Save the Lipo Over Battery Discharged

Beginners RC or lipo users usually experience it when playing rc airplanes, rc boats, rc dron or r / c car too busy and forget not to use voltage sensors such as low voltage alarms or the like sometimes too busy playing until suddenly the rc stops or falls and new Be aware that if they run out of fuel (over discharged) what happens afterwards can be worse than we know, lipo will not be able to be charged or it will even become bloated if it is not immediately handled If you want to try to save your empty LiPo battery with instructions in this article, do it at your own risk.

Remember the longer you let the LiPo battery run out in case this is over discharged, then the battery’s poor performance will increase, it will become bloated and other bad things. So when this accident occurs, the out-of-voltage LiPo battery is measured at a total of 1.9V (usually 0, 63 V per cell). lipo charger can not recognize the battery and cannot charge Do not let Lipo take too long to empty do this immediately we must first increase the voltage in each cell to a higher voltage (above 3V per cell) by connecting to a digital charger as usual but setting the charger using the Ni-MH type, the two detached batteries check if the lipo is at 3 volts per cell if it has been set to lipo mode and reconnect your Lipo charger. You will recognize your empty lipo battery again. So, that’s what we did, if you decide to try it, do it very carefully and do it at your own risk Tools and Materials: digital lipo charger support nimh, banana to xt60 cable & empty LiPo battery

Steps 1

So first of all, you need a digital charger that has a feature that can charge NiMH batteries. Some LiPo chargers can also charge NiMH, such as Turnigy acuucel6. Connect the main battery connector to the charger, and the contents of the LiPo over are discharged with the lowest possible current, for example with a current of 0.1A. usually it only takes a few minutes to increase the cell voltage back to 3.0V. we recommend to stop charging once the voltage reaches around 3V-3.3V, do not fill it with long mode too long After the steps above I then test it with a normal LiPo charger mode and finally be able to read the over-discharged LiPo battery that has been restored. finally we used the Lipo recharge feature to fill the Lipo battery with full capacity, and managed to recover the dead battery.

Step 2

There is a second way to deal with over-discharged LiPo, which is a little more necessary to be careful because otherwise you will burn the battery or even your house hehe but this method is very helpful too by using another lipo that is still sane and still contains a full charge but you must be more careful in this way because it only takes a few seconds to do it differently from the previous method which takes several minutes tools and materials: Black red jumper cable to taste, empty lipo battery, normal battery fully charged.

Prepare an empty lipo battery (target over discharged), prepare another lipo battery that is still normal and fully charged with the assumption that the two batteries must have voltages such as the 3s, 2S, 4S, 5S and 6S use the over-discharged LiPo rescue battery which has small capacity prepare a rather large jumper cable the size of the xt60 hole then connect the black cable (-) to black (-) on the target then the last one connect the positive (+) cable to the positive note that connect the positive cable in 3-5 seconds then immediately off because the cable can be very hot after that connect the original lipo battery to an ordinary charger then the battery can be used as usual for those of you who want to learn more about LiPo battery care see the following article Caring for LiPo to last years

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