How to Choose the Best Lipo Battery for Your Aircraft

To get the best flight time, it is very important to know how to choose the best lipo battery for your drone. If you don’t know about lipo batteries, you can read our lipo battery guide here to learn some key concepts and intentions from the numbers listed, as we will use a lot and discuss in this article.

Like most drone components, batteries are also interrelated with other components. The right battery depends on the size of the drone, the type and number of motors you use. In this article we will discuss how to choose the best battery for your drone before buying it.


To get the longest flight time, you can use a battery with a large capacity, but still, you need to pay attention to how much the maximum takeoff of your drone. For more details about finding out what the maximum weight of your drone takes off, take a look at our guide on how to choose a motor, propeller and ESC for your drone.

Another thing to note is the physical size or dimensions of the battery, because this depends on what type of drone you are using. For this, I think you only need to match a battery of a certain size.


Battery capacity is probably the most important factor, but what is often overlooked is checking the optimal C battery rating for your drone.

Using a discharge rate (C rating) that is too low, it can cause your battery to break quickly, and your drone is below the expected performance. Because the battery cannot release the current fast enough to supply your motor power.

Note: The higher the C battery rating the heavier the weight. if the battery you are using has a C rating that is too high for your drone, it will only carry unnecessary additional loads, which in turn will reduce the flight time of your drone.


Choosing a battery voltage, or cell number is a very important decision that is needed before it is installed to your drone. Higher battery voltage allows your motor to produce more power, but higher voltage batteries weigh more because they contain more cells.

There are no definite rules to follow in terms of battery voltage, but the way we get around and find the best voltage for drones and look through your motorbike’s thrust table and compare its efficiency is the best solution.

We will find that motorcycles are generally more efficient and stronger when using lipo with a higher number of cells (high voltage), but some advantages that efficiency must be paid for by increasing battery load and costs. So, now it depends on how many motors you use and choose what is best for your drone setup.


The amount of battery that you use on a drone is not a problem that makes a difference which eventually raises the pros and cons of using more batteries.

First, using more batteries must use an additional layer of security, as if one battery must fail, you still have another alternative that you can use to quickly land. Also if you have the flexibility to replace one battery if one of them is older than the other.

The charge time can be reduced if you have two chargers, because each can charge at the same time. However using two batteries can be more complicated to mount a wire and buying two batteries can sometimes be more expensive than buying one. So in conclusion, using one or more batteries depends on the drones you use and your own preferences.

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